GaragePro services include high quality garage cleaning, striping, and ancillary services available.

    Garage Cleaning Services include:
  1. Hand sweeping corners and edges of all surfaces to be cleaned
  2. Sweep and collect surface sediment using new, top-of-the-line Tennant sweeping equipment
  3. Apply spot-degreaser to break down oil and grease stains
  4. Blast away salt, sediment and oils with commercial-grade pressure washers by Landa
  5. Squeege corners and edges
  6. Scrub and vacuum the floor surface with new Tennant floor scrubbing equipment
GaragePro also offers striping services for both inside and outdoor applications. Dirty floor surfaces does not allow for paint to hold a strong bond to the floor. Instead, we suggest cleaning the floor surface prior to striping to yield a long-lasting application of paint. Save money and reduce the number of times you need to re-stripe.

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