GaragePro leads the industry in providing property managers the highest quality garage cleaning, striping, and ancillary services available.

    Benefits of our services:
  • Increase useful life of parking surface
  • Provide more attractive parking facilities to
  • match the quality of your building
  • Increase customer satisfaction
GaragePro’s DeepSweep process is much more than a simple sweeping or cleaning of your garage surface. It provides a level of cleaning that is second to none.
    The DeepSweep process includes:
  1. Initial sweep of entire parking area
  2. Deep soak with biodegradable, de-greasing chemicals
  3. Blast away built up sediment and damaging salt with high-pressure, hot-water power washing system
  4. Rigorous scrubbing of the parking surface to remove additional sediment
  5. Final collection of debris and water

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